All Things Small Package

Small package shipping is complicated

and competencies in other modes simply don’t translate

Our objective data-driven methodology reveals the true cost drivers, best alternatives and contracting strategies.

We’ll work with your team to sort through the granular details.


Parcel transportation management is exceedingly complex and sourcing options are limited.  Nor is it easy for companies of any scale to take advantage of the insight hidden within the enormous amounts of usable data.


With PlatinumCP business intelligence and analytics, you’ll quickly see how reducing complexity leads to more predictable spend and lower total cost per package. We apply our deep knowledge of small package operations and carrier pricing methods to expose gaps in the status quo—and use advanced analytics to quantify realizable opportunities.

Our consulting model focuses on the outcomes

1 Reveal the hidden costs and risks

2 Evaluate concrete savings opportunities

3 Get expert technical resources

4 Performance-based engagement fees

The PlatinumCP methodology produces high-impact results through detailed strategy recommendations addressing specific business challenges, including:

Network Optimization modal options, rates structures, sourcing & execution

Financial Workflow cost allocation, accounting processes, integrations

Audit contract terms, cost reduction, cost avoidance, thresholds & metrics

Business Intelligence reporting, alerts, metrics & dynamic data analysis